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In the production environment of lithium batteries, the characteristics of high energy ratio and thermal expansion inevitably expose the poor safety performance of lithium battery production. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the production and storage of lithium batteries. For example, in the processing technology of lithium battery formation and volume separation, the constraint tray is used to constrain the lithium battery.In order to ensure the standard of the product 's dimensions to meet the battery, it is necessary to use a tray that connects the positioning, bearing, and constraining the dimensions of the battery in the manufacturing process.

Machinery Process

Materials  Option

Finish Option

CNC Milling CNC Turning CNC Grinding Precision Wire Cutting

Aluminum alloy

A6061,A5052,2A17075 , etc.


Galvanized, Gold Plating, Nickel Plating, Chrome Plating, Zinc nickel alloy,  Titanium Plating,Ion Plating

Stainless steel



Hard oxidation ,Clear Anodized,Color Anodized

Carbon steel



Hydrophilic coating、Hydrophobic coating、Vacuum coating、Diamond Like Carbon(DLC)、PVD (Golden TiN; Black:TiC, Silver:CrN)

Tungsten steel


Polymer material



Mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, chemical polishing and nano polishing




CNC Milling CNC Turning CNC Grinding Precision Wire Cutting

Five-axis Machining Four Axis Horizontal Four Axis Vertical Gantry Machining High Speed Drilling Machining Three Axis Core Walking Knife Feeder CNC Lathe Vertical Lath Big Water Mill Plane Grinding Internal And External Grinding Precision jogging wire EDM-processes Wire cutting

Service Scope:Prototype & Mass Production Fast Delivery :5-15Days Accuracy :100~3μm Finishes: Customized for request Reliable Quality Control:IQC,IPQC,OQC

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